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2010年 地元大阪で DIGITAL MAFIA オーガナイザーとしてDJ活動をスタート、

2014年 Sunflowers of Today に加入、

2018年 DMT Entertainment を立ち上げ、

2021年 イスラエルを拠点とする、レーベル Future Music Records に所属。

2022年 ハンガリー OZORA Festival  DOME ZERO に出演。

現在まで、GAIA、ONENESS Festival、MACAO、ポジティブサミット、ASTROPOLITAN、Starlight Gatheringなど、





DMT Entertainment


Future Music Records


KAZYA is Japanese DJ putting heart into uniting the dance floor  with the groovy-curious track selection and the passionate conduction.

In 2010, at his hometown Osaka he started DJing as the organizer of “DIGITAL MAFIA”.

2014, he joined in “Sunflowers of Today”.

2018, he launched “DMT Entertainment”.

2021, he signed in Israeli record label “Future Music Records”. 

2022, he appeared on the stage of “OZORA Festival DOME ZERO” in Hungary.

          released the track “最高MAXありがとう幸せ Slum & KAZYA remix”

And “Welcome to UFO” the track created by Xipe totecs & KAZYA will be released from Future Music Records in the near future.

Now he’s been hosting festivals and parties, for example  “GAIA”, ”ONENESS Festival”, ”MACAO”, “Positive Summit”, “ASTROPOLITAN”, “Starlight Gathering” ,leading the scene of Japanese dance music and art culture.  

Imaging the new revolving,

he will keep evolving and exhibiting the future of dance music.