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  • GoaProductions / Pixan Recordings/ DMT Entertainment

Tokyo based d.a.n (GoaProductions/Pixan Recordings) is one of Asia’s liveliest electronic DJs. With the ability create a rocking dancefloor at any time, there is never a dull moment when this friendly creature brings his unique brand of internationally-influenced, yet distinctively Welsh wrongness to the party.Having first discovered techno and psy-trance in the Welsh shires, Dan’s interest in dance music later took him onto spells living in Goa, New Zealand and Australia in the early 2000s. Before settling in his dream city of Tokyo, Dan also spent eight years blasting Thailand’s underground music scene. Based in Bangkok, he regularly played parties of all shapes and sizes across the country, at all times of day and night. He was a regular at Moon Mountain, Lost in Paradise, EZ bar and the Infamous Overstay parties. Eventually though in 2015, the lure of Tokyo and its diverse nightlife culture was simply too much for him to resist.Nowadays his sets have started to focus more on his ass-shaking no-holds-barred style of psytrance. This gives him the opportunity to express his fun-driven outlook on life and love of squelchy sounds. He has played many venues in Tokyo, both club events and outdoor parties. Memorable outdoor parties in Japan have been, Onpapsy, Dance for Peace, Otakaze, Wing Makers and Rebound Recently he spent 2 seasons as a regular at Curlies in Anjuna Beach, Goa.A Shapeshifter of a DJ, Dan will deliver a set to rock any floor at any time. Bring your best dancing shoes and party masks, because when the Dan Emms circus comes to town there is no escaping the mayhem.

東京ベースのd.a.nは、アジアで最も活気のあるDJの1人である。世界のダンスフロアーからの影響は受けつつもウェールズで育った独特でユニークなDJスタイルで、ダンスフロアがダレる余地は無く、一瞬でフロアーと一体化する能力がある。 これまでにThai, Goa, Tokyoなどのパーティーで、色の違う様々な時間帯にも関わらずダンサーをロックし続け、ついたあだ名が’ミスターフレンドリー’。 さぁd.a.nサーカスがあなたの街にやってくる! ダンスシューズとパーティーマスクの準備はいいかい!?